COPPERSTEEL® Wires and Cables - 30% IACS

COPPERSTEEL is a bimetallic conductor that combines the mechanical properties of steel with the high conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper. Created from a continuous cladding process where the metals are joined together on an atomic scale to produce a bimetallic material with the best of both metals, it is the smartest option for grounding grid, counterpoise, grounding conductor and various other applications.

GROUNDING AND LIGHTNING PROTECTION SYSTEMS: Properly designed ground systems are essential to adequately discharge extremely high currents, directing them to the ground during lightining surges and short-circuit. The COPPERSTEEL conductors with steel core and copper cladding is the best choice for power generation, transmission and electrical distribution grounding and lightning systems. It offers equivalent performance to bare copper for grounding applications and much higher performance than zinc plated steel for lightning protection, thanks to its longer service life.

TRANSMISSION GROUNDING SYSTEMS: For lightining protection of overhead transmission lines, grounding and earthing systems are vital. COPPERSTEEL conductors offer high strength and corrosion resistance for overhead and grounding applications. On overhead ground wire application, where discharge time are in the order of microseconds, the 21% and 30% IACS COPPERSTEEL conductors have equivalent performance to copper and much higher performance than hot dip galvanized steel wires. When used as counterpoised, the COPPERSTEEL copper cladding technology ensures 40 to 50 years of lifetime, in all types of soil (regardless of pH), up to 6 times more durability than hot dip galvanized steel.

Technical Chart

Technical specifications of our products

Nominal Cross Section (mm²)Effective Cross Section (mm²)Conductor CharacteristicsMechanical CharacteristicsDatasheet
Qty. Of WiresDiameter of Wires (mm)Diameter of Cable (mm)Cross Section (AWG/MCM)Nominal Weight (kg/km)Elastic Modulus (GPa)Coef. of Linear Thermal Expansion (1/°C)Breaking Load - LCA (daN)
-53,4618,25-1/0432,001831,84 E-051689,0View
-42,4317,35-1343,001831,84 E-051336,0View
-33,5916,54-2272,001831,84 E-051058,0View
-26,6915,83-3216,001831,84 E-05841,0View
-21,1615,19-4171,001831,84 E-05666,0View
-16,7614,62-5135,001831,84 E-05528,0View
-13,2714,11-6107,001831,84 E-05418,0View
-10,5813,67-786,001831,84 E-05333,0View
-8,3713,26-868,001831,84 E-05263,0View
-6,6512,91-954,001831,84 E-05209,0View
-5,2712,59-1043,001831,84 E-05166,0View
-4,1912,31-1134,001831,84 E-05132,0View
-3,3012,05-1227,001831,84 E-05104,0View
-2,6311,83-1321,001831,84 E-0583,0View
-2,0911,63-1417,001831,84 E-0566,0View
-1,6511,45-1513,001831,84 E-0552,0View
-1,3111,29-1611,001831,84 E-0541,0View
-1,0411,15-178,401831,84 E-0533,0View
-0,8211,02-186,601831,84 E-0526,0View
-0,6510,91-195,301831,84 E-0520,5View
-0,5210,81-204,201831,84 E-0516,2View
-0,4110,72-213,301831,84 E-0512,8View
-0,3210,64-222,601831,84 E-0510,1View
-0,2610,57-232,101831,84 E-058,0View
-0,2010,51-241,701831,84 E-056,4View
-0,1610,45-251,301831,84 E-055,0View
-0,1310,40-261,001831,84 E-054,0View
1615,8032,595,585129,001831,84 E-05473View
2525,0033,267,023204,001831,84 E-05750View
3531,7033,677,912258,001831,84 E-05950View
5050,3034,629,951/0409,001831,84 E-051505View
1615,9071,705,105130,001831,84 E-05451View
2523,3072,066,184190,001831,84 E-05662View
3534,4072,507,502280,001831,84 E-05974View
5049,5073,009,001404,001831,84 E-051403View
7065,4073,4510,352/0534,001831,84 E-051856View
9593,3074,1212,363/0761,001831,84 E-052646View
120117,3074,6213,864/0957,001831,84 E-053328View
5047,30191,788,901/0387,001831,84 E-051341View
7067,10192,1210,602/0549,001831,84 E-051902View
9593,30192,5012,503/0764,001831,84 E-052645View
120125,50192,9014,504/01028,001831,84 E-053559View
150157,60193,2516,253001291,001831,84 E-054470View
185181,60372,5017,503501496,001831,84 E-055150View
240244,40372,9020,305002013,001831,84 E-056930View

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