Bimetallic Stranded Wires

Manufactured by COPPERSTEEL BIMETÁLICOS, an INTELLI GROUP, Bimetallic Conductors bring technology and safety. CS-COPPERSTEEL® conductor is a bimetallic conductor that combines the mechanical properties of steel with the high conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper. Created from a continuous clad process where metals are joined on an atomic scale to produce a bimetallic material with the best of both metals, it is the smartest choice for grounding, counterweight, guardrail and many other applications. The technology used allows the manufacture of products with different proportions between the two metals depending on the application and the demands of ampacity, mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, varying between 21%, 30%, 40% and 53% IACS (International Annealed Copper standard).

The steel wires and cables coated with aluminum AS - ALUMOSTEEL® are the technological alternative to the pure aluminum. Its steel core guarantees a high mechanical resistance compared to pure aluminum and, at the same time, its aluminum coating guarantees greater resistance to corrosion compared to zinc-coated steel cables. Available in conductivities of 13, 20, 27, 30 and 40% IACS, AS - ALUMOSTEEL® wires and cables guarantee different proportions between the two metals, suitable or AS to different project needs.


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CS - COPPERSTEEL® (copper clad steel)

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AS - ALUMOSTEEL® (aluminum clad steel)

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ALUMOSTEEL® - Wire Ropes

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