TAC - Adapter Terminals for Wedge Connector

Purpose: Termination on sectioning switches and busbars in conjunction with aluminum wedge connectors.

Characteristics: High electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. Pad with two or four holes NEMA standard.

Application: Power distribution lines.

Material: Cast aluminum alloy.

Application Tool: Impact tool for wedge connector.

Technical Chart

Technical specifications of our products

INTELLI CodeTerminal (Pin Gauge)Conductors (AWG/MCM)Wedge Type Connectors**Datasheet
TAC-4/0-2N4/013,26 - 4/0CADC-20B | CADC-208 | CADC-211View
TAC-336,4-2N336,416,9336,4 | 397,5 | 477 | 556,5CADC-401 | CADC-503View
TAC-4/0-4N4/013,26 - 4/0CADC-20B | CADC-208 | CADC-211View
TAC-336,4-4N336,416,9336,4 | 397,5 | 477 | 556,5CADC-401* | CADC-503View

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