GTDB2C - Busbar Double Grounding Clamps (2 conductors)

Purpose: Cable to busbar connections. Suitable for COPPERSTEEL or copper cables. 

Characteristics: Tightening connection. High electrical conductivity and corrosion resistant. Two conductors model. Enough screw length for plate/bar thickness up to 7mm.

Application: Grounding systems in general (power distribution systems, grounding grids, residential, building, industrial grounding, grounding in telecommunication networks).

Material: Bronze clamp, fittings in copper alloy or hot galvanized steel.

Application Tool: Spanner set or open-ended wrench.

*Also available tin plated.

Technical Chart

Technical specifications of our products

INTELLI CodeConductorDatasheet
Cross Section (AWG/MCM)mm131
GTDB-2C-8-48 - 410 - 25View
GTDB-2C-4-2/04 - 2/016 - 70View
GTDB-2C-2/0-2502/0 - 25070 - 120View
GTDB-2C-300-500300 - 500150 - 240View

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