Purpose: Connection between ground rod and cable or rebar-cable. Suitable for CS - COPPERSTEEL or copper cables. 

Characteristics: Tightening connection. High electrical conductivity and corrosion resistant. Allows connecting conductors in parallel.

Application: Grounding systems in general.

Material: Copper alloy body. Clamp: electrolytic zinc plated steel (GA-12) or copper alloy (GA-38).

Finish: GA-38 tin plated

Application Tool: Spanner set or open-ended wrench.

Technical Chart

Technical specifications of our products

INTELLI Code"U" Clamp MaterialGround Rod Nominal Diameter (inches)Steel Rebar Diameter (Inches)ConductorDatasheet
GA-12Aço Zincado Eletrolítico1/2"-Fio 8 - 6Fio 10 - 16View
GA-38Liga de Cobre3/8"5/16" - 3/8"8 - 1/010 - 50View

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