Purpose: Connection between ground rod to cable. Suitable for COPPERSTEELor copper cables.

Characteristics: Spring system connection (permanent tightening). High resistance to corrosion. Easy application. Supplied with antioxide compound INTELTROX-Cu.

Application: Grounding systems in general (power distribution systems, grounding grids, residential, building and industrial grounding), grounding in telecommunication networks).

Material: Copper Alloy.

Finish: Tin plated Application Tool: Water pump pliers.

Technical Chart

Technical specifications of our products

INTELLI CodeConductorGround Rod DiameterDatasheet
CCA-12-258 - 410 - 251/2" (12,7mm)View
CCA-12-354 - 225 - 351/2" (12,7mm)View
CCA-58-2510 - 46 - 255/8" (14,3mm)View
CCA-58-358 - 210 - 355/8" (14,3mm)View

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