PFS - Split Bolt Connector with Pad

Purpose: Connection with COPPERSTEEL or copper cables. Used to connect one or two cables to the capture mesh with the metallic tile. Ground one or two cables to steel structures, metal boxes, plates or busbars. Fixing lightning protection systems downconductors to masonry or concrete.

Characteristics: Tightening connection. High electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.

Application: Grounding systems in general and Lightning protection systems.

Material: Copper alloy.

Finish: Tin plated.

Application Tool: Box, open-ended and monkey wrenches.

Technical Chart

Technical specifications of our products

INTELLI CodeMaterialConductorsRod / RebarDatasheet
1 Conductor (mm²)2 Conductors (mm²)
MinimumMaximumMin. CombinationMax. Combination
PFS- 35-163516 - 635 - 353/8"View
PFS-35RBRONZE163516 - 635 - 353/8"View
PFS-70-357016 - 1670 - 703/8" - 1/2"View
PFS-70RBRONZE357016 - 1670 - 703/8" - 1/2"View

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