CDPRP* - Piercing Tap Connector for Protected Network

Purpose: Covered cable tap (protected network)

Characteristics: Connection by piercing (does not need to strip or rebuild the insulation of the conductor). Suitable for covered aluminum cables. It has a shear head nut to guarantee a perfect application and elastomeric rubbers, making it watertight.

Application: Protected overhead electricity distribution networks (medium voltage)

Material: Polymer body resistant to weathering and UV rays. Main contact and tap in tinned copper.

Application tool: 17 mm socket wrench.

*Available on request

Technical Chart

Technical specifications of our products

INTELLI CodeConductorsElectrical Tension (kV)Thickness of Protective Layer (mm)Datasheet
Run (mm²)Tap (mm²)
CDPRP-185-185-1550 - 18550 - 18515 / 253 a 4View

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