CDPN - Piercing Connector for Bare Network

Purpose: Cables tapping. Suitable for connection to the main / trunk (bare line) and tap (insulated line). Suitable for aluminum to aluminum, aluminum to copper or copper to copper connections (low voltage up to 1kV).

Characteristics: Connection by piercing the insulation only on the tap side (there is no need to strip the cable insulation). It has a shear head nut to ensure a perfect application.

Application: OVERHEAD power distribution lines bare (run side) and insulated (tap side).

Material: Weatherproof polymer and U.V. connector, tin plated copper contacts.

Application Tool: Star or socket wrench.

Technical Chart

Technical specifications of our products

INTELLI CodeConductors (AAC/Cu)Datasheet
Run (Bare Line)Tap (Insulated Line)
CDPN-7035 - 952 - 3/01,5 - 1016 - 8View
CDPN-120-3525 - 1204 - 4/04 - 3512 - 2View

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