CDP-4D - Piercing Connector for 4 Taps

Purpose: It allows multiple cable connection (up to four) per connector. Suitable for aluminum to aluminum, aluminum to copper or copper to copper connections (low voltage 1kV).

Characteristics: Connection by piercing the insulation (simultaneous tightening), no stripping of the cable insulation (run side only) and independent taps by tightening. Used with 0.6 / 1kV XLPE / PE insulated aluminum cables or 450 / 750v PVC insulated copper cables (without cover). Allows connection for public lighting.

Application: Overhead insulated power distribution lines.

Material: Piercing connector cover in weatherproof and U.V. rays resistant polymer. Contact of run side in copper and tap side in aluminum alloy.

Application Tool: 5mm allen key for tap side and star or socket wrench for run side.

Note: It is recommended to adapt the combination of the tap gauges not to exceed the maximum cross section of 120mm².

Technical Chart

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CDP-120-4025 - 1504 - 3001,5 - 35*16 - 2*View

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