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For use in connections with insulated conductors up to 600V and bare conductors at any voltage (V).Antioxidant compound with zinc suspended particles in a viscous vehicle. To ensure low resistance electrical connections. Applied around an electrical conductor, INTELTROX breaks the oxide film that forms shortly after brushing and gathers a large number of conductive points. INTELTROX due to it’s antioxidant action (amine-type) of its additives and the insolubility in water, gas or oil eliminates the entry of air and moisture in the connections, preventing corrosion and oxidation. The use of INTELTROX is indispensable in Al-Al and Al-Cu connections. Available in versions: 1kg, 400g and 250g.
Purpose: Designed to protect aluminum wedge connectors CADC* and wedge connectors with protected stirrup CAEP*. Characteristics: Excellent protection for wedge connectors against weather and U.V rays. Supplied with caulk and water-repellent compound to ensure an excellent seal against dust and water. Ensures a more lasting connection. Application: Power distribution lines (protected network) at medium voltage. Material: Polymer resistant to weather and U.V. rays. * Can be supplied with connectors upon request
Purpose: Designed to protect wedge connectors. Characteristics: Excellent protection for wedge connectors. Ensures protection from the elements. Application: Power distribution lines (low voltage - up to1kV). Material: Polymer resistant to weathering and U.V. rays.

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