COPPERSTEEL® Wires and Cables - 53% IACS

COPPERSTEEL is a bimetallic conductor that combines the mechanical properties of steel with the high conductivity and corrosion resistance of copper. Created from a continuous cladding process where the metals are joined together on an atomic scale to produce a bimetallic material with the best of both metals, it is the smartest option for grounding grid, counterpoise, grounding conductor and various other applications.

SUBSTATION GROUNDING SYSTEMS: For grounding applications, the COPPERSTEEL conductors with 40% and 53%, IACS have equivalent fusing resistance performance to bare copper cable with same cross section, against short-circuit up to 1s rate duration. In practice, this is possible because the steel core allows the COPPERSTEEL conductor to work over a wider temperature range than copper, without compromising its physical characteristics.

POWER GENERATION GROUNDING SYSTEMS (RENEWABLE): The best grounding solution for wind farms, photovoltaic systems and hydroelectric plants. Performance equivalent to copper and superior to hot dip galvanized steel, ensuring maximum performance in the grounding of equipments (wind turbines, transformers, photovoltaic plates, etc) and civil works (anchor bolts, powerhouses, substations, among others), in addition to reducing the potential for theft.

PUBLIC LIGHTING / SIGNALING: In applications such as conductors for public lighting and signaling, COPPERSTEEL conductors, with 53% IACS, offer adequate conductivity and less theft potential compared to pure copper cables.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: The outer copper layer of the COPPERSTEEL conductors and cables ensure equivalent performance to bare copper in TELECOM applications, due to the skin-effect at high frequencies. 

Technical Chart

Technical specifications of our products

Nominal Cross Section (mm²)Effective Cross Section (mm²)Conductor CharacteristicsMechanical CharacteristicsDatasheet
Qty. Of WiresDiameter of Wires (mm)Diameter of Cable (mm)Cross Section (AWG/MCM)Nominal Weight (kg/km)Elastic Modulus (GPa)Coef. of Linear Thermal Expansion (1/°C)Breaking Load - LCA (daN)
-53,4618,25-1/0447,001661,98 E-051390,0View
-42,4317,35-1354,001661,98 E-051103,0View
-33,5916,54-2281,001661,98 E-05873,0View
-26,6915,83-3223,001661,98 E-05694,0View
-21,1615,19-4177,001661,98 E-05550,0View
-16,7614,62-5140,001661,98 E-05436,0View
-13,2714,11-6111,001661,98 E-05345,0View
-10,5813,67-788,001661,98 E-05275,0View
-8,3713,26-870,001661,98 E-05217,0View
-6,6512,91-956,001661,98 E-05173,0View
-5,2712,59-1044,001661,98 E-05137,0View
-4,1912,31-1135,001661,98 E-05109,0View
-3,3012,05-1228,001661,98 E-0586,0View
-2,6311,83-1322,001661,98 E-0568,0View
-2,0911,63-1417,001661,98 E-0554,0View
-1,6511,45-1514,001661,98 E-0543,0View
-1,3111,29-1611,001661,98 E-0534,0View
-1,0411,15-178,701661,98 E-0527,0View
-0,8211,02-186,801661,98 E-0521,0View
-0,6510,91-195,401661,98 E-0516,9View
-0,5210,81-204,301661,98 E-0513,4View
-0,4110,72-213,401661,98 E-0510,6View
-0,3210,64-222,701661,98 E-058,4View
-0,2610,57-232,101661,98 E-056,6View
-0,2010,51-241,701661,98 E-055,3View
-0,1610,45-251,301661,98 E-054,1View
-0,1310,40-261,101661,98 E-053,3View
1615,8032,595,585133,001661,98 E-05391View
2525,0033,267,023211,001661,98 E-05619View
3531,7033,677,912267,001661,98 E-05784View
5050,3034,629,951/0423,001661,98 E-051243View
1615,9071,705,105134,001661,98 E-05372View
2523,3072,066,184197,001661,98 E-05546View
3534,4072,507,502289,001661,98 E-05804View
5049,5073,009,001417,001661,98 E-051158View
7065,4073,4510,352/0551,001661,98 E-051532View
9593,3074,1212,363/0786,001661,98 E-052184View
120117,3074,6213,864/0988,001661,98 E-052747View
5047,30191,788,901/0400,001661,98 E-051107View
7067,10192,1210,602/0567,001661,98 E-051570View
9593,30192,5012,503/0789,001661,98 E-052183View
120125,50192,9014,504/01061,001661,98 E-052937View
150157,60193,2516,253001333,001661,98 E-053689View
185181,60372,5017,503501545,001661,98 E-054251View
240244,40372,9020,305002079,001661,98 E-055720View

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